iCody WiFi Barcode Scanner

Icon100@2xThe first REAL barcode scanner for iOS since April 2010 – All OTHERS ARE JUST COPIES!

Eventually, you can replace your boring USB barcode scanner by an astonishing iOS app. With iCody, you are able to scan a broad range of barcode types, and transmit them instantly to any computer iCody is currently connected. No server in between like other apps have – pure and directly.*

The new Workflow handler in iCody 3.0 lets you combine the scanned barcode with texts, control chars, and user input.

Using the new built-in WebScan functionality you can launch nearly any website you’d like and scan into form fields – directly in iCody. Or “beam” codes from the barcode list into form fields. This even works with secured (HTTPS) websites, and websites that needs login data. WebScan is a great solution for professional use with your own in-house website e.g. for your warehousing.

The included callback functionality lets iCody interact with other applications and even websites using the icody:// URL scheme. So you could set up a Filemaker GO database and use iCody as an external scanner – also in combination with Linea Pro or Mobilogics.

Even offline without any connected computer iCody works. The deciphered barcodes are saved in a Barcode List and can be transmitted afterwards – or exported via iTunes, or eMailed, one, some, all together. This is best practice for doing batch scanning of a big number of Barcodes: Scan all barcodes – anywhere and anytime – and send them to the Mac whenever you want and however you like.

iCody does not contain any connection to shopping portals and does not provide any pricing information or product comparisons. iCody is a professional tool which makes a hardware barcode reader obsolete.

iCody supports of the the additionally available external Laser Barcode Scanners Linea Pro from DATECS/IPC, the iPDT380 and iScan from Mobilogics, Grabba Scanners, and Honeywell Captuvo SL22. All these Barcode Scanner series are completely supported by iCody and replace scanning with the built-in camera (iPod touch compatible only!). The combination of iCody with one of these scanner accessories turns your iPhone, your iPad or your iPod touch into a professional High-End Laser Barcode Scanner which is thanks to the integrated akku pack of the Linea Pro a real marathon runner. All features of iCody are supported!

When using the built-in Camera, iCody needs the autofocus capabilities of the iPhone (3GS or higher), and works only limited on iPhone 2G/3G and iPod touch 4G or iPad 2. The scanning results on these devices can be enhanced using the optionally available optical lens (macro lens); more information here. Needs iOS 5 or higher.

* Needs a WiFi connection of both, iOS device and stationary computer, for instant data transfer. Needs the free “Thetis” application for Mac OS X 10.7 or higher and Windows XP or higher, or any VNC server software for Linux.

iCody 1.0 (demo)

Version: 3.0.9
OS versions: iOS 5 or higher
compatible devices: iPhone 5s
iPhone 5 / iPhone 5c
iPhone 4S
iPhone 4
iPhone 3GS
iPad 4 / iPad Air
iPad 3
iPad mini

With hardware based limitations:
iPhone 3G
iPod touch 4G
iPad 2

With external Scanner hardware:
any iOS device which is supported by the accessory
Languages: English

Requires a WiFi connection (WLAN) and the additional software Thetis (for Mac OS X 10.7+ or Windows XP+) or any VNC software for instant transmission. Both, the computer and the iOS device, have to belong to the same network.

WebScan simulates a web browser in iCody. This browser is no full replacemant for Safari mobile. There might be limitations regarding the features of the website (esp. related to frames, and complex frame and form structures).
Download Thetis (MAC)
est. size 1.2 MB
Download Thetis (WIN)
est. size 1.2 MB