pdfactory-logoThe swiss army knife for editing PDF

PDFactory is a toolbox to structurize your PDF files: Change the page order by Drag & Drop, split any existing PDF file or merge files to a new one. Export pages to image files and slim down your document size. You can do all that with PDFactory.

PDFactory is very easy to use. Move documents or pages back and forth with drag & drop. Move Files from Finder into PDFactory’s documents area. Images can be wrapped into PDF files by simply dragging them on the “drop box”. Turn pages to the right or the left with only one mouse click and compose documents with landscape orientated pages.

Major features:

The “Split” function in PDFactory allows you to split PDF files just where you want. After positioning the split mark, all following pages are taken out of the source document and transferred into a new document. Or simply use drag & drop to move the selected pages into the documents area of PDFactory. When doing this and holding down the SHIFT key, the pages are copied to a new document and not taken out of the source file.

The “Merge” feature allows you to do exactly the opposite: You can combine several source files to one new document. The page order follows the order of the source documents as shown in the documents area from left to right. In case you’d like to change this order, rearrange the source documents and check the result after calling the merge function. The pages can be rearranged by dragging them to their new position in the document.

A great feature is called “Copy Text“: When you click this button, the entire text content of the selected page or pages or the entire document is copied to the system clipboard. Now, you can use it in any other application by simply pasting it back with STRG-V or choosing “Paste” from menu.

With the “Export” feature you can save the currently selected page as an image file in various formats like TIF, PNG and JPG to your hard disk. You can control the compression level and the resolution (dpi) of the resulting images.

The new “Slim down” feature allows you to decrease the file size of your PDF documents. It gives you control parameters like resolution and compression level of all images contained in the document. Using this settings, PDFactory generates a new slimmed down PDF document.

Version: 1.1
OS versions: Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
Languages: English