iCody FAQ

iCody 3.5 crashes under iOS 6

When we updated iCody from version 3.0.9 to 3.5, somewhere on the way between the developers and the AppStore an error occurred. The result is, that the update to version 3.5 and 3.5.1 was offered to users with iOS 6, although this iOS version is not supported anymore by iCody 3.5 and later. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to rollback the available version to 3.0.9 in the AppStore. Hence, the updates to 3.5 and 3.5.1 are still offered to users with iOS 6 devices.

The only way to restore the earlier version 3.0.9 is to re-install the iCody ipa file from a local backup. To do so, the device has to be connected to iTunes and synced at any time this version was installed on the device.

Here you can find a detailed guide to perform this re-installation.

iCody 3.0.6 (iOS) flickers between "New Thetis version available" and "Use Location services"

In iCody 3.0.6 on iOS 7, it might happen that iCody flickers between two alerts, “New Thetis version available” and “Allow iCody to use location services”. This can’t be interrupted.

As a work around, please open iOS’ settings and navigate to “Privacy > Locations”. There, search for “iCody” in the App list, and activate the switch next to it.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-02-07 um 23.05.54

Now, open iCody once, and confirm the “New Thetis version available” hint. After that you might disable locations services in iOS’ settings again (see above).

I forgot the settings PIN. What can I do?

To remove the settings’ PIN, connect the device with iCody with iTunes on your Mac or PC. Select the iOS device and navigate to the section “Apps”. There you can find a list of Apps whose documents you can manage.

Generate an empty file (any kind of) and name it unlock.settings. Drag this file to the documents section. While iCody starts the next time, the PIN will be removed and the file deleted.

Where can I find the CrashLogs the support asked me for?

  1. Plug your device into your Computer.
  2. Synchronize with iTunes.
  3. On Mac OS go to “Users//Library/Logs/CrashReporter//” on your harddisk.
    Windows users go to “C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\Logs\CrashReporter\MobileDevice\” on your main harddisk (C:).
  • Find “.crash” file starting with iCody and showing date and time of the crash (If any other files with iCody in their name you can send them as well).
  • Send this file/these files to us. You can reply on this eMail to do so.

How can I start iCody in a "Kiosk mode" and disable the possibility to start other Apps or return to the Home screen?

Many iCody users use iCody in a professional environment, mostly together with WebScan. It might happen, that it is necessary that employees who operate iCody may not leave it by tapping the “Home” button and start other Apps. Since iOS 6, on system level the feature “Guided Access” was introduced. Initially aiming to restrict the device access for children, but actually it works perfect together with iCody.

To set up iCody for “Guided Access” please follow these instructions:

1. Open “Settings” on the device and navigate to “General > Accesibility > Guided Access”.


2. Enable “Guided Access”. Additional settings appear.Tap on “Set Passcode” and enter a four digit passcode.


IMPORTANT: Please remember and write down this code carefully. WITHOUT this code, the “Guided Access” can NOT be disabled and you will have to reinstall your device.Leave the settings by tapping the “Home” button.

3. Start iCody.Tap fast 3 times on the “Home” button. iCody “shrinks” and additional controls appear.


First, circle with your finger around controls and area which should be DISABLED. This lock is related to the screen and not the current view iCody shows. After this “drawing” is finished, a rectangle appears which covers the enclosed control elements. Feel free to adjust this rectangle with the controls placed in each corner. The “X” allows you to delete an area.Take a view into the “Options”, but actually you should not need to change anything there.When you are finished, tap on “Start”.

4. Now, iCody operates in “Guided Access” mode and can’t be left anymore, even when tapping the “Home” button. If the device is restarted, iCody will automatically start again in “Guided Access” mode.


Why do I get scrambled digits when working with Thetis?

On the Mac there a Apps which hook into the keyboard processing routines and perform actions with the key strokes. One example is “TextExpander” which converts shortcuts into words and sentences.

This may cause trouble with Thetis: If, e.g., “TextExpander” is enabled it may recoginze while “grabbing” the first one or two key strokes, that it can’t do anything with them and passes them back to the keyboard processor. Unfortunately, Thetis has continued its work yet, and so the re-send keytrokes are pushed into the key strokes queue anywhere but not at the original position.
To solve this, simply disable any App on your Mac which hooks into the keyboard processing while working with Thetis.

iCody does connect to UltraVNC, but no barcode seems to be transferred. What happens?

It is quite important, that, in UltraVNC’s settings, in the area “Kyeboard & Mouse”, the option “Disable Viewers inputs” is UNchecked. Otherwise the transmitted barcode data coming from iCody is getting blocked.


With OS X Lion (or later), I can't use the VNC connectivity of iCody. Why that and how can I resolve it?

With OS X Lion, Apple introduced an “enhancement” for the VNC protocol which is yet an interesting idea but nevertheless completely useless for iCody. Now, the built-in VNC functionality (aka. “Screen sharing”) uses the so called Multi User Mode which means that users which attempt to connect via VNC get prompted a login screen of OS X and not the current screen content. After login, they can use the Mac as another, concurrent user on the same computer. Until Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6) a VNC connction always shared the current screen.

Basically this is a clever idea – but unfortunately bad for the iCody-VNC-connectivity. Here, the sharing of the same screen is essentially.

At the moment Apple has a lot to do with this new VNC mode and may change some things in the future. We have to wait and see.

Conclusion: When you run OS X > 10.6, please use the free, compatible and still maintained Thetis for the communication between iCody and their Macs. All others still have the choice between Thetis and VNC.

How can I run iCody on older iPod touches or iPhones?

iCody needs the auto-focus capabilities of the iPhone 3GS or newer, since, during barcode recognition, a short distance between the camera and the barcode is necessary. The iPod touch 4G does not contain an auto-focus and short distance shots are blurry and can’t be used. To use these devices, please use a macro lense, or external scanner hardware. Larger QRCodes are often recognized though.

Additionally, iCody needs iOS 5 or higher, which usually isn’t compatible to older hardware.

Why iCody does not show me any pricing information or product comparisons?

There are several apps in the AppStore which provide this more or less funny functionality. iCody is a more professional tool and wants to replace expensive hardware and provides real benefit to all iPhone-Users which want to work with barcodes seriously.

Does iCody save detected barcodes automatically without a WiFi connection?

You are able to do an according setting as well as you are able to set up iCody to safe even sent barcodes in list.

Does iCody opens detected QRCodes in the correct application?

No, this is not the scope of iCody.

Can I use iCody directly after purchase in AppStore?

Yes and No. You are able to scan barcodes immediately and watch the content of them in the barcode list. But for transmitting the barcodes to your Mac you need to download the free application Thetis which is available here.

iCody fails to connect to Thetis. What can I do?

The first thing you can try is to disable Bluetooth on your iPhone – maybe just for a while. Thetis delivers its service via Bonjour and this protocol is not only used for WiFi but also for Bluetooth services. Unfortunately Bonjour and Bluetooth is a little bit nasty and bad performing.

If this does not help try to restart Thetis services from the Thetis menu or quit Thetis and restart.

If these steps don’t solve your problem please refer to this Thetis FAQ page.

I don‘t have a WiFi network (WLAN). What can I do?

If your Mac is WiFi (WLAN) compatible you may create a „computer-to-computer“-network and connect your iPhone to this Mac.

Please refer to the guide provided in our help center.

The stored location does not fit to the actual location. Why that?

The iPhone “caches” the last known GPS location and delivers these values in case the current location can not be detected. This can happen when form inside buildings contact to GPS satellites can not be established. Most commonly this shall not be any problem for mostly the connection gets lost when a building is entered. The last known location should be precise enough. Otherwise you should try to get a connection to the GPS satellites.

While Scanning ISBN13 barcodes iCody reports ISBN10 barcodes. Why?

ISBN10 and ISBN13 barcodes are, except of the humanreadable part, identical and confrom to EAN-13. If these barcodes represent a bookland code (978 …) iCody reports only an ISBN10 code; these data are still the most common ISBN data for books. Musikland codes (979 …) always deliver ISBN13 codes.