Workflow handling

en-workflowThe workflow handling is a brand new feature in iCody 3.0. It replaces the earlier delimiter transmission after barcode values, but is way more powerful.

A workflow consists of a combination of the barcode value, a number of control keys and fixed text phrases, and one input field. Processing the workflow always starts with the barcode scan (even if the barcode is placed at the end of the list), and prompts the user for his input if any input field is contained in the workflow. When these information are provided, the workflow items are transmitted one after the other.

Workflows work also in WebScan, but not entirely with VNC and HTTP Post connection types. Together with the completely revised JavaScript handling, web sites can use complex event driven workflow processes now.

To add a new workflow, select “Workflow” in the Scanner section. There you will find the (editable) default workflow. To change the workflow order, delete or add a new workflow, tap on “Edit” in the top right corner.

You can select a workflow by tapping on it. To access the detail view, tap on the arrow at the right side.

The workflow detail view is always editable. That means that the workflow items can be re-arranged and deleted as you like.

To add a new workflow item (or step), tap on one of the four buttons at the top:

Function or control key: Adds a control key (Arrow key, Tab, Return and Enter, function key F1-F15 etc.), together with CTRL, CM-, ALT or SHIFT modifier keys.

Free text: Adds a free static text or one single character, combined with CTRL, CMD or ALT modifier keys. Example: To save a document on your Mac, enter “s” and enable the CMD modifier key here.

Input: Presents an input field to the user. Enter a challenge (like “Quantity”), and chose the appropriate keyboard appearance.

Pause: In certain cases, a pause might be necessary to interrupt processing of workflow. It might last for 0.1 – 2 seconds.