Thetis-2-128Thetis is a Helper Tool for Mac OS X and Windows which is required by iCody. It provides the connection between iCody and your Mac or PC using WiFi (WLAN) and integrates itself in your system and simulates keystrokes – by doing this, Thetis is in charge to put out the barcodes scanned with iCody. The current version of Thetis can be downloaded here using the following links. It is installed just like any other application.

Notes for Mac users:
After finishing the installation, Thetis is placed in the „Applications“ folder and will be registered as a „login item“ as well. This means that Thetis will launch automatically after starting your Mac. Thetis checks for updates automatically and loads and installs them after prompting the user to do so. To install Thetis simply download the DMG using the following link, activate the disk image and drag the Thetis application into your “Applications” folder. The “Extras” folder contains additional applications like an uninstaller for former Thetis versions (to uninstall Thetis simply delete the Thetis application).

Notes for Windows users:
Please download Thetis for Windows and start the installer. After finishing the installation, Thetis can be fount in the Startmenu in the “Programs” folder. To enable auto-start of Thetis, simply drag an alias of Thetis into the auto-start folder of your XP installation. Thetis needs the .NET framework version 4.0 and higher. Usually it is yet installed on your PC, if not, it can be found here. Please download and install it to run Thetis. To connect iCody conveniently with Thetis, “Bonjour” is recommended. Usually it is installed beside the installation of iTunes. To find out more please follow this link.

apple-logoDownload Thetis (Mac)
est. size 1.2 MB

windows-logoDownload Thetis (WIN)
est. size 1.2 MB

Versions: 2.2.1 (for Mac OS X)
2.0.1 (for Windows)
OS versions: Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
Windows XP or higher
Languages: English